Titan: Infiltration

A little about the backstory to

the role your team are playing

Titan orbital...

No one is sure of the exact date as so many records were lost in the Great Interstellar War, but what is known is that after so much pain and destruction, planetary leaders signed a treaty agreeing that all future major conflict would be resolved by War Games carried out on the many islands of a recently discovered, politically neutral world, Entropy. The weapon of choice for these battles was the much refined and developed Titan battle tanks and their supporting hardware and ordinance. These battles, which are staged periodically as disputes dictate, were first trailed under the banner: Project Titan – the name stuck and the rest, as they say, is history.

Over the years, teams of resolute men and women have formed to oversee the battles conducted between these largely autonomous behemoths, the skills they have gained during their many conflicts earning them a considerable fortune, broadly in proportion to the number of islands they have been victorious on. The size and topology of each island being carefully matched against the number of competing entities and the stakes for which they are competing – some islands are particularly unforgiving to the uninitiated…

As Entropy is an oceanic world, the number of islands available to host battles is both considerable and varied, from searing deserts to tropical paradises to arctic wastelands and more. Whatever the conflict, the governing board of Project Titan are confident they can find a suitable match for a client's conflict resolution needs.

The Council of twelve have placed you as a junior team, just cutting your teeth in this fast passed and challenging world, seemingly seeking the opportunity to make your mark foremost in your mind… this could not be further removed from the truth!

The role of your team is to infiltrate the E.C.Z. by posing as a newcomer for one of the factions. Using this cover you will gain access to other team's secure data terminals, located in their facilities and outposts. These will provide access back to their client's data cores and allow you to retrieve the various historical artefacts that the council's intelligence services have credible proof reside there.

As you progress through the ranks, demonstrating your team's competence and efficiency, you will slowly be allowed to compete in increasingly high-profile campaigns which, in turn, will provide access to ever more damaging evidence against the Titan Corporation.

Specific engagements within your campaign are selected from the battle bridge of your team's star ship or from you secure accommodation on the Titan Orbital. You will also have access to black ops missions from here (multiplayer games), as well as the black market (game asset store) to acquire weapons and component technologies. Finally, you can configure and enter any of the holographic training simulators for islands that you have been successful on, to further hone your combat skills.

The campaign itself is managed strategically by your command team from the relative safety of their starship's battle bridge, in orbit above Entropy. From here you can access the many strategic maps available, as well as research options, and unit configuration profiles...

The tactical user interface is represented by a HUD displayed on the various tactical terminals that your bridge crew use to manage the battle below. The feedback from the teams accessing the Titan Corporation stealth cams on the island below is that it is so immersive, it feels like they are really down there directing the action.... just without the constant threat of a violent and painful death!

Your team will use the cover of these war games to infiltrate the Command Centres of teams from other factions operating on behalf of clients, clients know to have evidence of past atrocities by the Titan Corporation. Using black market hardware provided by the Council, you gain access back to these clients'' networks to retrieve the digital historical artefacts lurking there. Once enough artifacts have been secured, capturing a wide range of past offences, the council can, at last, take substantive action against Titan Corporations ruthless CEO, Mistress Yang....