Titan: Infiltration

Combat Starship

During campaign battles, the star ship is the source of all strategic commands issued by the players command team. As the entire mandate of the wargames is to preserve life, the only human life in the conflict is that which resides in the comparative safety of the team’s orbiting star ship.

Any very high-level strategic commands issued by the player by this team are passed to the ANN cores located within the star ship where they are broken down into a series of goals that are handed off to the GOAP planners representing the various layers of officers. The action plan outputs of higher-level orders being used as goal inputs for subordinate planners, before ultimately being issued to individual units as parameters to their various behaviour trees.

These orders can be superseded at any time by taking more direct control of progressively lower groups of unit’s planet side.

The star ship can also be explored at any time during missions (subject to the attention the player needs to give to the mission) or between missions. It has several key locations the player can explore, including:

  • Battle Bridge
  • Main Engineering
  • Shuttle bays
  • R&D labs
  • Main Bridge
  • Crew Facilities

Battle Bridge Consoles

Main Battle Bridge

CnC Holo-Table

The main battle bridge are where all strategic operations are carried out. Decisions made here are delivered through standard military chain of command down the the captains, lietenents, and finally seargents responsible for individual squads of units.

As long as the planet side units remain within communication range of a facility or outpost that has an active RTN connection back to a command centre, orders and intelligence will flow freely bewteen the surface and orbit, allowing for a comprehesive set of data overlays to be placed across any explored section of the map via the holo-table.

With the click of a mouse, the player can jump back down the planets surface and focus on any location or unit to get straight back in the thick of the action.

Available intelligence, subject to what technology recon units have been previously equipped with, includes: threat and capability heat maps, resource heatmaps, environmental conditions, and much more.

Reactor Cores

Neural Network Cores

Ship Operations Holo-Table

Main engineering is the very heart of the starship. It houses the main reactor cores resposnible for the primary power generation that drives the continious wormhole generators used by the ship to traverse interstellar space.

It is also home to the artificial neural network and quantum computing cores that augments the strategic planning and control required by the executive team from the battle bridge.

Finally, you will find another holo-table here very similar to that of the battle bridge. This table provides a wealth of operationa data about the internal and external status of the star ship and its primary systems.

Launch Bay Exit

Dropship Launching

Complete Launch Bay

The launch bay is most often see as part of the launch and landing sequence cinimatic at the start end end of each game. The dropship within is used to transport the initial combat team and their hardware to the selected landing zone for a given map.

3D Bio Printer

Weapons Penetration Testing

Spare Parts Shop

The R&D Lab is used to support any authorised research undertaken planet side. The starship has significant processing power availabile within its quantum computing cores that operate in conjunction with the research afacilities planetside to model variosu scenarios and refine the research process.

There are also a range of rapid prototyping services available to allow the physical parameters of items to be stress tested and compliance checked before being released.

If time permits during a given engagement, a visit to the lab will often yield various elements of units, weapons and techinolgy in various states of construction and testing and can probid einsight into whats involved behind the scenes.

Crew Quaters

Observation Lounge


Operating on a combat ship for extended periods can be a high stress environment. To ensure peak operational efficiency and mental well being of the crew is maintained at the highest standard, there are a range of services availble to make their stay as pleasent as possible, under the circumstances.

The crew are provided with well furnished personal crew quarters which, subject to rank, are available in dorms, single, twin and couples configurations.

When off duty, most crew spend their social free time gathered in the observation lounge. In addition to first class chefs and a well stocked bar, it offers stunning panoramiv views of local space. The geosynchronous orbit adopted during engagements usually affords stunning views of Entropys beutifully delicate ring system and two moons.

The are also plenty of facilities on board for personal highgine, include the head and wash facilities, both of which are equipped to operate in combat gee, standard gee, and zero gee if required...