Whilst the game is entirely playable and completable out of the box with no further purchase of DLC or subscriptions, we will be offering two levels of subscription service that offer a range of add on features and services to further enhance your experience of the TGU and even allow a couple of friends to play with you for free!

If you do have ideas, please hop over to our Discord, and let us know! You can even request to be part of the closed test cycles we are planning to get even more visibility and input into how Titan evolves over time...

IMPORTANT: Please do keep in mind, this is a provisional set of subscription features that we continue to develop. As such, it is subject to change so if there is a benefit you feel strongly about either way, please let us know so we can focus on the things you really want!

Active Standard Subscription Benefits:

Titan orbital...

  • A.I. Offload to LAN devices
  • Additional Multiplayer Only Maps: 16
  • Additional Paid / Exclusive DLC: 141
  • Authorititive Architectural Assault FPS/TPS Mode
  • Authorititive Bio-Research Recon FPS/TPS Mode
  • Authorititive Orbital Exploration FPS/TPS Mode
  • Authorititive RTS Game Servers
  • Authorititive Starship Subjugation FPS/TPS Mode
  • Closed Beta Access to Functional Release Updates
  • Cloud Strategic offload for Subscribers
  • Game world recorder
  • Offline LAN party mode
  • RTS Meat Sack MMO Mode
  • Sharing of unit configuration / internal layout profiles
  • Single Player Cloud Saves
  • Spectator Access to AI Training Grounds
  • Voice and video chat for subscribers

Active Premium Subscription Benefits:

Titan orbital...

In Addition to Standard Subscriber Benefits:

  • Additional Multiplayer Only Maps: 28
  • Additional Paid / Exclusive DLC: 121
  • Anonymising of gamer tags
  • Can Share Subscriber Only Multiplayer DLC with Non-Subscribers
  • Cloud Tactical AI offload for Subscribers
  • Enhanced World State Resilience
  • Host Custom Meat Sack MMO Games
  • Mobile App Spectator Mode GPU streaming
  • Peak Time Game Server Prioritisation
  • Private multiplayer cloud saves
  • Spectator offload
  • Voice integration (Siri/Alexa style)
  • Zero Downtime Game Server Support