Titan: Infiltration

The Titan Orbital acts as a mini-MMO within the game. It exists on our game servers independent of any battles that players may be engaged in and provides continuity wider game world factors such as market forces and, as we introduce other titles, the wider Titan Gaming Universe.

Military Merchants

Retail Merchants

Promotional Advertising

The Promenade on the Titan Orbital serves as a social hub and marketplace that brings to gether combat teams looking for a bargain or off-books mission, and the military and retail merchants that are only too eager to relieve them of the credits for a locally priced bargain.

Unlike purchasing from the inter-stellar dark web, local pricing of goods and services sends to fluctuate more wildly as it is far more senestive to local supply and demand. If a merchant is expecting a delivery of specific stock, the price will be reduced to clear it, equally, if many teams are purchasing the same weapons or technology around the same time, it will push the price up considerably. Look out for promotional adverts located around the promenade for clues about the local economy.

You will also see a large number of adverts around the promenade for some of the more prominent mega-corps that reside within the Titan Gaming Universe, as well as for the Titan Historical Museum of Wonders which is a very popular tourist attraction on the orbital and gives patrons a rare glimpse in to the world as it existted before the great war. The are examples of products and their adverts recovered from that time by the small army that the Titan Corporation employs for that very task. A must see on any itinary!

Social Centre

Personal Docking Port

Stunning Views

All teams are issued basic accomodation when they contract with the Titan Corporation to operate in the ECZ. While there is nothing wrong with this accomodation, as teams start to amass more credit, most tend to eithe rupgrade or buy additional, better units as these form the foundation for their more social operations. It is where they invite other teams either for genreal socialising and conversation, or to participate in private capaigns, both simulated in the training environment, and real black ops missions with. This differs from the missions available on the promenade and dark web as these are public and open to all that meet the acceptance criteria specified.

As well as more spacious accomodation, players can fully customise their accomodation with teir prefered decore, accessories, entertainment systems, and even personal docking ports for direct access to their shuttles and awaiting starships. Many opt for rooms with expansive views across the starscape or novelty features such as mezzanine floors with slides and zero gee activity cages.

There are also a range of entertain ment options available from pool and bowling, to an assortment of retro arcade consoles and an extensive set of storage options for the wealth of clothing and accessory upgrades available to the teams.

Retro Products

Retro Advertising

Captivating Backdrops

The Titan Corporation operate a museum that showcases a range of artifacts, advertisiments, and products that pre-date the great war, that have been recovered by their research teams.

Stunning Starscapes

Entropy Ring System

Starship Traffic on Approach

The observation deck provides a wealth of beutiful vistas overlooking planet Entropy, its ring system and two satellites