Titan: Infiltration

A Meat Sack

There are many structures available within the TGU, including Facilities, and Outposts that you create planet side as part of any campaign, and the completely customisable Star Ship you command from orbit. We felt it was a shame to be investing so much time and energy into create the beautiful and detailed interiors to these locations that are only lightly explored during a typical RTS game, so we decide to add FPS / TPS game modes to fully exploit them!

Currently planned to make its debut in Feature Release 2 of our Product Roadmap, Tactical Engagement is an FPS / TPS mode allows you to utilise the weapons, technology and units you have unlocked during the RTS games, You can fully customise the internal layouts of your command star ship, as well as the facilities and outposts you build during an RTS campaign to create new and unique maps for a range of FPS / TPS style game play modes such as Deathmatch, Capture the Flag and Battle Royale.

Using a comprehensive in-game 'map' editor, you can assemble a range of internal building blocks within the confines of the overall volume of the structure in question to create almost unlimited variations to how the various rooms and corridors are laid out and interconnected. Preconfigured free, paid, and subscriber exclusive building blocks will be available from the game store to fast track your layouts, any of which can then be individually customised to meet your exact needs.

Examples of readily available internal building blocks for your starship include:

  • Command bridge: Fully fitted command deck with all associated consoles and stations, along with a huge view screen.
  • Shuttle hanger bay: Various size, modular shuttle bays to accommodate a range of inter-orbital craft, weapons bays and assorted mechanical units.
  • Research lab: Different classes of research labs with a range of security countermeasures available.
  • Main engineering: The home of primary power generation, various sizes available to accommodate all possible power sources, financial and energy budgets.
  • Corridors: The arteries to connect rooms together, available in a range of sizes and configurations.
  • Recreational lounge: No matter the crew compliment, everyone needs somewhere to blow off steam at the end of a hard shift….
  • Crew quarters: Various levels of fixtures and fittings available, from the most basic to the most lavish.
  • Medical bay: State of the art medical facilities to cater for all sizes of incident.
  • Armoury: Guns, guns and more guns - if you can't find it here, you probably don’t need it.
  • Officers' quarters: Larger, more luxurious versions of crew quarters.
  • Head: When you gotta go, you gotta go… fully functional facilities included as standard.

For the starship, this concept is taken one step further as you can stack external ship modules together to build any shape and size starship you can think of. Each of these externally stackable modules have their own associated internal layouts allowing you to very quickly and easily construct large and complex volumes of explorable space to use in any FPS / TPS mode game you chose to host against the AI's, friends, or strangers!'

The following settings are planned over a number of feature release updates:

  • Architectural Assault: Set within any of the many facilities or outposts you have unlocked from the RTS games huge tech tree. Any unit customisation is also applied when other players are exploring your buildings in an RTS game.
  • Starship Subjugation: Takes place on your fully customisable starship in orbit and allows other players to fully explore the internal layout of your team’s pride and joy...
  • Orbital Exploration: This map opens up many of the internal spaces of the mighty Titan Orbital high above planet Entropy and allows players to explore the promenade, museum of historical wonders and the many shuttle bays, engineering facilities, reactor rooms and computer cores spread throughout the Orbital.
  • Bio-Research Recon : Players that have made it to latter maps in the campaign may have come across some of the mysterious Titan Corporation bio-research black sites where Yang undertakes some of her more extreme research. The facilities contain creatures that are hazardous in the extreme - should the power fail, so will their containment fields...