Titan: Infiltration

Forensically recovered evidence of events for the

timeline of events leading to the Great war, and the subsequent rebuilding of society.

Below are the key events going back to nearly a millennia before the start of the war, as they are currently understood by the councils’ historical forensics team.

21st Century
22nd Century
23rd & 24th Century
25th to 30th Century
New Era


Much data was lost during the destruction of the great war as entire start systems were reduced to their constituent atoms when their host starts where turned nova. The records below, such as they are, detail the key events that the Councils historical forensics teams have been able to piece together in the three centuries since the war officially ended...

2021-2023: The world is defined by riots, pandemics, natural disasters, and death. The growing civil unrest transforms when militia from the different wings faces off and civilians are killed. Federal forces are deployed to handle the unrest, but after the first couple of skirmishes, some regiments choses sides and it goes into a full civil war. The first time in 50 years a sitting US president was assassinated, together with the Vice President and the Speaker of the House. The US Military tries to take command until a new president could be elected, but it leads to bloodbath on the streets, more soldiers revolting and start fighting each other. Micro-Wars break out within cities and towns as the extremists' wings battle each other while the common man hides or runs.It gradually spills out into other countries in the world. In the UK the people revolt against the corrupt Government and media. Violence escalates and martial law is declared. US citizens flood into Mexico to escape the bloodshed, only to be turned back by the Mexican Prime minister and the Mexican people who pay for and build a wall to keep the refugees out.

2023: while there is a full panic in the United States, reports of several autonomous strike forces hitting research centres for high-tech companies as well as innovative companies in other fields.

2024: Canada closes its borders to US citizens.

2027: The United States is no more. The central northern states are a mass of refugees, fled from east and west to avoid the violence, the southwestern and south-eastern states are controlled by extremists' wings respectively, the central US has become a battleground. Veterans and Preppers are scattered around the country.

2028: Across the Pond, riots in France and Germany have escalated, Paris and Berlin are burning. Immigrants are being pushed out of these countries and their neighbours are taking up the cause.

2030: Widespread rioting in Spain, France, Germany, UK, and former soviet states as Russia tries to capitalise on the unrest to recapture old territory.

2035: China moves on the United states to "peacefully restore order". Tens of thousands die, but the extremists regimes are crushed under the communist boot of china.

2040: industry is slowly beginning to recover in the USA. Meanwhile, regimes are falling around the globe! In the UK, what will be known as the "Poor War", is beginning, as lower income citizens rise against the rich, The conservative government, entrenched with an ageing Prime Minister at the helm call in the army, who immediately turn on them and enact the first governmental coup in living memory. Assets are stripped from the rich, businesses flee the once thriving commercial zones of London, Birmingham, and Manchester and the UK starts heading for the Dark Ages.

2041: Israels poaching of scientists from Japan, promising them a safe haven, advanced their digital research, producing the first workable Quantum computer which could operate in warmer temperatures then 0.015 Kelvin. They managed to raise the temperature to 105 Kelvin, and made it more feasible for future development while keeping it under lock and key.

2042: Relinquishing its stranglehold on America, the Chinese Machine reaches tendrils out to the United Kingdom. However, the English immediately unite to fend off the foreigners, uniting behind a young revolutionary Alexandra Yang.

2045: European tensions begin to die down as refugees are pushed south to Africa and a united European task force unites to make Africa a safe place, warlords tumble in the African Freedom War.

2050: As life in New America and The ReUnited Kingdom begins to settle down, industry and technical advancement begins anew, this time with fewer rulers in the new world.

2052: European troubles quashed; the ReUnited Kingdom is invited to re-join the New Europe Union.

2055: New Europe, having incorporated northern Africa and parts of UAE and including Israel/Palestine, re-established with no country boundaries and equal treatment for all citizens, and development of the Sahara Solar Field commences.

2060: The advent of true Quantum Computing thanks to the former Israel governments steadfast usage of secret development over the last two decades. For the last 19 years, since we managed to convince the Israeli Government that it was in their interest to assist the Japanese science team away from the semi warzone of Japan islands and into the safer environment of Israel, we have sometimes struggled to keep nosey 3rd party agents away from discovering their work. So far, weve not only managed to do that, but also have gained a straight route into the information sources, giving our own project group ideas on a parallel development that would be completely compatible without being vulnerable from their end.

2100: The Quantum Cloud is turned on, giving all European citizens access to the power of quantum computers. Newly deployed satellite networks handle the communication, and the newly formed Titan Corporation begins its climb to a world leading position for communication, consuming or merging with any competitor standing in their way.

2110: The first successful human clone is born: Lexy Yang. Named for her mother, the revolutionary who led the United Kingdom out of the Dark ages in 2042. The company who successfully performed the cloning was later found to have connections to certain parts of the secret police in various nation states. Also, the year the first Chinese Born president of the United States is unveiled. President Leng immediately signs an executive order to remove the right to own a firearm from the American people. The brief uprising is quelled within six months and forgotten. A small but statistically significant portion of the citizens disappear into the wilderness and rumours about lost prepper communities proliferate but no one to confirm the accuracy finds their way back to civilisation.

2112: Governments are increasingly using the Quantum Cloud to spy on the regular populace to weed out malcontents and nefarious characters. Democracy is gone from the world, most states are run as police states except for a few who have gone into the technocracy with a ruling elite. External borders are strengthening while the internal borders in the clusters, like New Europe, are removed.Cybernetic Chips, giving access to the Quantum Cloud, are starting to be popular, especially among the younger population. Several governments are giving them away for “cost” to accelerate their uptake. There are some quickly quietened demonstrations, saying the government was using the chips to spy on the population, which the governments in question are strongly denying. Several versions of the chips are also being made for certain types of corporate employee, and other off-books operations.

2120: worldwide crime - in Europe and America (both North and South as its now one country) is at the lowest since records began. Disappearances are at a peak as the secret police wage a quantum war against those seeking to disrupt society.

2130: First space vessel with constant acceleration burn, thanks to successful low temperature fusion reaction, on test flight, the space agency responsible proudly says that within a century they would be able to send out vessels in meaningful fractions of c (speed of light) making it possible to colonize planets outside our solar system. This news is largely well received due to the increasing demands an ever-expanding global populace is placing on resources and the Ecosystem.

2140: New Europe Investigational Services - NEIS, an ex-secret police force, finds the first company records for Titan Corp, The Youngest ever prime minister of England Lexy Yang is given an honorary seat on the board. Iain Neil Ruger, the grand-grandson of Cale Neil Ruger the Titan organisations founder decides that it's time to let the secret society hes a 3rd generation of, come to the surface in the role of a fast growing high tech, innovative, company since the security police around the world are targeting shadow organisations, criminal syndicates and dissidents. Especially with the forced closure of the Darknet part of the QC, existence for any illegal organisation is at the best a retreating defensive action, but most commonly a fading existence.

2145: Clone of a clone Alexandra Yang, genetically modified for perfection, is born in a hospital in London, her mother, a surrogate, "retires on an island in the Caribbean". No record can be found of any contact with her mother after this date and it is widely believed that she was silenced by a agent of Titan Corp who then, after altering her appearance and identity, took up a post as an assistant in the Genetics department, working full-time with different strategies of modifying genetics both in foetus and adult humans.

2160: Genetic modification becomes more common, and affordable creating a new divide within the people of the world. Debates rise on whether the Mods should have all the rights of Purebred Citizens. The so-called Purebred are using extensive genetic modification to remove unwanted disorders with both themselves and their kids, but only on-unlisted clinics.

2165: Earth population passed 16 billion. 65 years behind the projections of 2020 due to the unrest in the world. Earth Overshoot Day is the 16thof March.

2175: Mods permitted to become sports stars and athletes. Strongly encouraged to join the military and focus on Special Operations. No high-ranking positions are permitted.

2200: Human spaceflight to Titan- a crew of mods living in programmable silicon housing which, after being prefabricated on earth, could be stacked in flat space efficient stacks, just to be strewn on the ground and automatically setting up itself as commanded, including furniture and fixtures. Terraforming Titan along with other stellar bodies commences on an industrial scale.Initial trials of a Quantum Fold Drive created by Titan Corp., to move an object instantly from one place to another. In this early design, transit must be in straight lines and cant pass larger gravity masses such as stars, planets, black holes. Titan Corp subsidiaries offer assistance with materials since they have the largest mining operation of any planet, including the asteroid belt. A lot of smaller space craft operated by Titan Corp are used to push rocks towards the extract area where Titan Corp heavy plant installations extract any useful resources.

2205: Quantum Solar Grid completes, giving Quantum Net access to colonies on the moon and mars. Cybernetic Chips have become mandatory in several countries.

2250: Terraforming Mars completes. Of the millions of applicants to be the first civilization on mars, 450 are chosen from various countries, on the understanding that they will populate the Red and Green Planet. It is believed that this provides sufficient safety margin over the least possible number of humans (assessed at 98) required to stay healthy. Two moles from Titan Corp are among the 450. Both are unregistered “Mods”. With the collapse of country borders, the countries of Earth and Mars decide to join under a common umbrella. A central government is set up to handle the overflow of population and the poverty that has struck several parts of Earth due to the overflow and mishandling of resources before space mining and Mars terraforming.

2275: A Resource Transfer Network is accidentally invented by scientist Oliver Paul whilst researching the possibilities of the Quantum Fold Drive.

2300: Mars Flourishes and Gateway Station is complete. Gateway, the greatest achievement in human history, a giant space station in orbit at the LaGrange point between the Earth and the Moon, will be the launchpad for interstellar travel.

2301: The first public test flight of spaceship QFD Hanno, after Hanno the Navigator (5th or 6th Century BC), using the revolutionary Quantum Fold Drive is a resounding success.

2320: Human mind meshed with Quantum Computer in a secret Titan Corp lab under the surface of Luna, Earth's moon.

2315: Quantum Fold Technology revealed as an offshoot of Titan Corp development, Titan Corp operating profits pass 100 trillion credits for first time in company history.

2315: Alexandra Yang future Titan Corp CEO born Experiment of mind/memory transfer from mother to daughter in cloned environment partially successful. Mindset has been transferred, but not all the memories. Further monitoring of the test subject AY-3B, is recommended. Certain dominant personality traits start to manifest at a very young age. The young Ms Yang is going to be ruthless in the extreme.

2322: Completion of first Universe Class Quantum Fold Starship at Gateway station. Named "QFS Shippy McStarface" after at Quantum Stellar Net wide naming competition. QFS Titan was a suspiciously close second in the naming competition.

2323: 1st January, QFS Shippy McStarface begins maiden voyage, 4 light years (Proxima Centauri B) to nearest habitable planet with expeditionary force of drones commanded by Dakota Walker and Felicity Ball.

2323: 5th January, QFS Shippy McStarface arrives and communicates with Earth for the first time. A large orbiting body named Anesidora. Drones deployed. Mission declared successful.

2323 - 2430: humanity focuses on the stars. All worldwide resources from minds to metals focussed on expanding humanity across various habitable worlds

2431: One of the QFS ships on deep space exploration, finds the ruins of an ancient civilisation, the report back to Earth Dome causes civil unrest for a short period, but also excitement. Humanity finally got the answer if they were alone in the Universe.

2498: A free trader finds a planet with an intelligent extra-terrestrial life on it. The main lifeform, a biped with four arms, has a civilisation which is somewhere close as Earth was during the 1600’s but with differences. The captain of the trader decides to incorporate it in his trade system, lands and initiates contact with the “Lotas”. The natives are friendly, and it all goes well. The captain is shown riches and decides to treat them fairly. He leaves a few crewmembers, including his first mate, as he returns to “Homebase'' to get trinkets/equipment for the natives so he can trade. As he comes back, a few months later, he finds the world in disarray, most of the crew dead and his 2nd mate as an active dictator on the planet. Terrified over what has happened, he notifies the authorities on the Earth based central government, who sends over a squadron to investigate. As the squadron approaches the planet, they are being warned off, but since the captain had described the civilization as Earth 1600’s, the squadron ignores the warning. From the surface, several old fashion fixed fuel missiles are meeting them as they are starting their final approach. With several ships damaged, the squadron opened fire at the sites where the missiles emerged from, hitting the underground silos where a multitude of nuclear missiles were sitting waiting to be used. A chain reaction wreaks the world and destroys any chance for life for the next millennium.

2567: Another world with intelligent extra-terrestrial life encountered - prime directives established and system quarantined - designated no fly zone until such a time as the planet denizens are ready. Planet named Xenotopia.

2570: the first artificial human - Quantum Robot - QuantBot - Qbot - touches down on a distant planet with an environment hostile to human life to begin oversight of terraforming.

2575: The orbital ring of stealth observation satellites goes live over Xenotopia, livestreaming the alien population to subscribers on Earth and The Colonies.

2612: the industrial revolution on Xenotopia becomes the most watched television event in the history of the universe

2644: An unknown ship attempts to breach the blockade of Xenotopia system and land on Xeno Prime but is destroyed as soon as they enter the no-fly zone by Titan Corp Sentinel Ships. The ship, they discovered, was tracked back via several steps to a competitor who needed higher viewing scores.

2645: 500 lightyears away from earth, on a cold planet in the Barron system, a group of activists' disputes earth's place in the centre of the universe.

2650 - 2750: Over the following century, Humankind faces several other intelligent races, both benign and hostile, and in the end they become a part of a large Trading Association which are mostly peaceful.

2745: Cells of activists on hundreds of worlds work to destabilize regimes. TitanCorp becomes aware of fermenting dissent, intercepting shipments of weapons and explosives and materials for industrial silicon printers. Such interceptions would not have been considered legal by the local authorities.

2799: New Year’s Eve attack on Titan Corp headquarters on Earth foiled, megaton blast detonates outside the compound perimeter killing tens of thousands. TitanCorp HQ undamaged. Existence of the building force field and associated technology becomes known.

2853: Mankind's first meeting with a 3rd intelligent race. Thima, an older race than humans, introduced mankind to a larger network of intelligent races, covering parts of the galaxy.

2860-2905: While most parts of mankind welcomed the community, there were some xenophonic elements who resisted and colonized worlds which they declared being sovereign nations of their own. Incidents during the colonization showed that the xenophobic elements had armed themselves quite heavily and after a period of settling down, following years was marked with piracy in space lanes, assaults on smaller colonized worlds. Production escalates for ships and weapons as demands come from sovereign states and the ITO members for defending themselves from piracy and assaults. This drives the wartime research as every part wants the upper hand, or ability to defend themselves from anything coming their way. The escalation reaches a self-propelling stage, as states/planets are forming bloc’s and by pooling their resources, invests heavier in defensive technology then normally expected.

2999: 31st December, The great interstellar war starts, eradicating almost all life on the colonised worlds, including the other worlds in the ITO (Interstellar Trading Association)

0NE: Undetermined time later the War ended, start of New Era (NE)

15NE: New conflict resolution system discussed

38NE: system finalised and agreed - attempted disperse oversight which failed

59NE: Multiple Planets put forward as suggestions to be used for staging all conflict to keep battles off habitable planets. Planet selected by the Council of 12: “Entropy” - quite fitting as this would be where many went to die...

65NE: Titan Corporation "re-formed" to oversee all conflict resolution on Entropy. Ms. Yang announced in a press release that TitanCorp was to journey back into the spotlight and public scrutiny and oversee the most important role in the new peaceful area, the Entropy Combat Zone, or ECZ. With all the accumulated funds from the centurys long war that Ms. Yangs earlier clones had considerable hand in initiating and keeping alive, TitanCorp felt it was safe to start the last part of the corporation's plan to achieve total control over known inhabited space. The Entropy project, of course, is a place where weapons and tactics development can be used for further gaining power in this quadrant and galaxy until they have attained total dominance.

68-153NE: Specialist combat teams evolve to support campaigns on Entropy. Additional support industries and services develop around the evolving teams to provide specialist and lucrative support and technological research. Research progresses well on Entropy even though some of it is just the repetition of things already gained during the war. As so much knowledge was lost from civilisation during the war, it takes time, money, and effort to relearn all that was lost. Several the teams need to be monitored after their time in the conflict zone as some have found ways to penetrate deeper into the corporation with greater ease than was expected. Suspicion grows that there may be a leak somewhere in our organization.

81NE: Off book projects by most state governments to develop successful human organ cloning start to yield results - allowing for the replacement of limbs and organs damaged in conflict and paving the way for full body cloning to come. A couple of governments have gained the art of cloning again, rumour says it comes from Artefacts found on Entropy, but no proof has yet been found.

108NE: Nanotechnology perfected, massively expanding the technological capabilities of the teams that engage in conflict resolution on Entropy and leading to the development of the Resource Transport Network (RTN), a technology that goes on to be fundamental in nature for centuries to come.

123 - 378NE: Seemingly unconnected and random events take place within the Alliance that go on to profoundly alter the course of human development generally and the expansion of the Titan Corporation specifically.

168NE: Titan Corporation trials live streaming of certain engagements to select worlds. After a three year pilot, it is deemed an unqualified success and rolloed out to all inhabited worlds.

192NE: Sentient AI comes online, greatly boosting the strategic and tactical capabilities of the defence grids used on Entropy.

231NE: Sentient AI successfully develops matter transport and replication technologies which results in a seismic shift of the capabilities of the RTN – allowing both biological and non-biological matter to be transported quickly and securely across underground carbon nanotubes in a matter of seconds.

254NE: Sentient AI successfully trials the transport of human consciousness from organic neuron structures to artificial ones and back again. Coupled with biological cloning, this promises immortality for the elite few that can afford it. Documentation is found that hints toward the fact that TitanCorp may have been in position of the technology on which this is based for a considerable amount of time. This lends weight to the urban myth that the CEO of Titan Corp is actually a clone of the original that potentially predates the great war! There is growing concern that aspects of an individual's consciousness could be altered while in transit through the organic neural storage arrays used to facilitate the process. If found to be true, the possibilities for serious misuse are considerable. People could be bent to the will of a 3rd party without ever knowing about it….

273NE: Titan Corporation trials renting advertising space on specially developed billboards that are included in facilities and outposts blueprints, in addition to a number of advertising slots in higher profile engaements. The trial is met with great sucess and every few years there after they try to incrementally increase the advertising coverage without subscribers complaining excessively. Some attempts are more succesful than others...

292NE: Concerns increasingly being raised by some nation states over the level of influence the Titan Corporation appears to be exerting in both local and interstellar affairs. The number of high-profile political events that are altering the course of societies development continues to rise

356NE: As a proven combat veteran, you are contacted by your planetary leaders and asked to form a team to infiltrate the core of the Titan Corporation and assess the integrity of its CEO, Electra, who despite now being well over 250 years in biological age, many planetary governments increasing have concerns over regarding blackmail, corruption, espionage and even assassinations to steer local and interstellar events in directions more favourable to the Corporations expansion and subsequent wealth – thereby ensuring her ongoing rejuvenations and maintaining her apparent mid 30s age

360NE: Your newly recruited core team is formed and enters the lower ranking skirmishes to cut their teeth on Project Titan. As a new team on the playing field, you are intentionally limited in funds, resources, and technology so as not to raise suspicion amongst peers. As you and your team ascend through the ranks to progressively higher stakes campaigns, your primary mission is to uncover the historical artifacts that are known to be dispersed across the many islands – securely stored deep in the data cores of facilities from long forgotten conflicts. Recovery of these will provide the evidence required to support multiple instances of corruption and tampering by the Corporation