Titan: Infiltration

What is Titan: Infiltration?

Who you are?

You command an elite team of combat veterans who are posing as newcomers to the Entropy Combat Zone – The ECZ having been created as a place for corporations and planetary governments to resolve their disputes in a legally binding way, it attracts teams from far and wide to represent the sponsors requiring conflict resolution. It is a theater of war games overseen by the mighty Titan Corporation, fought, and won using programmable nano tech and 3D bio-printed meat-sacks augmented with combat AI’s, to avoid further loss of human life after the Great Interstellar War decimated humanity, almost to the point of extinction.

What do you do?

Under the cover of these war games, your team directs its troops to infiltrate the command centres of other teams operating on behalf of their sponsors, exploiting their secure links back to the sponsors’ data-nets to extract digital evidence of historical atrocities undertaken against them by Titan Corporation over the preceding centuries. With enough evidence collected and passed to the Council of Twelve, they can finally take action against the CEO of Titan Corporation, Mistress Yang, and remove her from control thereby ending the abuse of power she wields.

How do you progress?

As your team progresses through the ranks, unlocking ever more sophisticated and powerful weapons and technology, you qualify for increasingly high profile engagements which afford access to more and more damning evidence against Yang. Along the way, there will be plenty of opportunity to engage in off-books black-ops (multiplayer) campaigns outside your core mission, allowing you to rapidly increase your experience and technological prowess before driving back into the campaign.

How do you upgrade?

Winning an engagement, either campaign or black-ops, sees your team awarded with a quantity of T-creds equivalent to the quantity of research undertaken or technological artifacts found during that engagement so you can purchase it from the black market and start your next engagement from a stronger position.

How do you get better?

The simulator allows you to test a wide range of scenarios and environmental conditions in ‘custom games’ so that you can refine your techniques against AI or other combat teams, before putting them into practice for real.

What are the unique features?

Plan the generation, distribution and consumption of energy resources in order to construct your units and then strategically balance their weapon and technology power needs across a complex interconnected network, where one critical point of failure can cascade throughout your - or your enemies' - entire logistics chain.

Create the right unit configuration layout for the right mission by choosing down to a precise, granular level of detail exactly which weapons and technologies are installed in which slots, to balance your unit's performance and functionality against its power draw and thermal output - or just use one of the many pre-supplied layouts.

Virtually limitless control over which aspects you want to focus research on when levelling up units, weapons, and technologies - meaning that every unit built can have its layout further customised uniquely from the millions of combinations of values for durability, repairability, efficiency, mass, power consumption and thermal output.

Make strategic decisions based on more than just direct visibility, by overlaying thermal and night vision, radar, and even acoustic data to find your targets - or combat these by equipping a range of countermeasures to attempt to evade - or outmatch - the enemy's scanners.

Issue high-level strategic commands to your units from your space orbital battle bridge overlooking the entire theatre of war, and watch your commands filter down through several layers of command - or drop virtually into a given unit's mind in "meat sack mode" to directly control individual units and squads for specific tasks.

Whether you prefer a fast-paced, in-the-thick-of-it action game, or to focus on building up a slow-burning complex strategy - at either the macro or micro scale, Titan: Infiltration allows you to play exactly the style of game you want, the way you want to play it!

What will I notice first?

Exploring the huge yet detailed maps, with their expansive sweeping vistas, conveying a feeling of a truly grand-scale world.

With a well rounded and detailed history, cultural, and technology lore, you cant help but be drawn in

Enjoy a seemless blend between close-up action and high level strategy game play, play your game, your way!

What Game Units are Available?

Facilities and outposts for the core backbone of your strategy as you expand across the map. Responsible for everythign from energy generation to unit production, they serve as the communications backbone connecting all units back to your team in orbit.

A huge array of mobile units are available to unlock as you progress through the mission, ranging from tanks to support units, airforce to naval units.

In addition to a wide range of troops and officers, you also have various unit crew available and a growing selection of sentinals that can partrol building parimeters.

The Titan Gaming Universe

The Titan Gaming Universe (TGU) is fundamental to the plans for our studio and, at its core, is built around an MMO style online persistent world.
With the release of Titan: Infiltration, from a game play perspective, the TGU is largely limited to the Titan Orbital above planet Entropy.
It serves as the multiplayer hub, recreational playground, and an alternative 'interface' to the various online stores for purchasing research and cosmetic upgrades.
As the range of titles from our studio increases, this core concept will be greatly expanded upon and is expected to include the following:

  • -- Additional stations and orbitals in other star systems within the TGU.
  • -- Planet based open world cities and urban areas to explore
  • -- Stellar volumes covering all inhabited systems found HERE and beyond (for star ship travel/exploration/interaction)

Titan orbital...

Your teams' star ship in high orbit
on final approach to the Titan Orbital...

...for some much-needed R&R and
to snag some bargains at the local stores