What exactly is

the Titan Gaming Universe?

Titan orbital...

The Titan Gaming Universe (TGU) is fundamental to the wider plans for our studio and, at its core, is built around a sharded, MMO style persistent world state hosted in the cloud.

With the release of Project Titan: Infiltration, from a game play perspective, the TGU is largely limited to the Titan Orbital above planet Entropy and serves as the multiplayer hub, recreational playground, and an alternative interface to the various online stores for purchasing research and cosmetic upgrades.

As the range of titles increases, this core concept will be greatly expanded upon as several planned titles will require a persistent backend world state with AI agents for assorted NPC’s.

This is expected to include but not be limited to the following title genres over the medium to long term for the studio:

  • A space-based trading, exploration, and combat title with additional planets, stations, and orbitals in other star systems within the TGU. See factions for details on planned star systems.
  • Planet based open world cities / urban areas to explore and undertake various missions such as deliveries, assassinations, and espionage, aligned with the those shown under artifacts.
  • Urban planning and simulation to design and test city layouts for inclusion in the above title so they can be explored as playable maps.