Titan: Infiltration

Titan: Infiltration

Titan Gaming Universe Lore

Project Titan is set in the Orion Arm of the Milky Way, 360 years after the official conclusion of the Great Interstellar War. A War of such a scale that it surpassed human imagination. The loss of life was almost beyond comprehension and became the catalyst for the formation of the Council of 12 and, ultimately, the creation of the Entropy Combat Zone.

The primary role of Titan Corporation was to provide the extensive infrastructure to monitor and record all engagements planet side and enforce the ECZ Rules of Engagement. This involved facilitating brokerage services to ensure that the combat teams that each client had engaged to represent their interests, employed a level of experience and technology that was broadly comparable to other teams, and was proportionate to the scale of the dispute seeking resolution.

While this was the official line, many believe that the Titan Corporation unofficially actively encouraged the formation and subsequent growth of a Black-Ops style underground network that facilitated the resolution of conflicts under a slightly more relaxed framework. The revenue from this market is widely accepted to dwarf the official campaigns by several orders of magnitude and is also believed to be a vehicle for furthering the expansion plans of Yang and her Corporation.

The Council have created a backstory to allow your team to insert themselves into both arenas and to use the cover of resulting engagements to gain access to the Artifacts that their team of operatives are discovering and believed to reside within the networks of the clients that various teams are operating on behalf of.

The sections that follow provide a wealth of detailed information about various aspect of TGU Lore...

The Role of Your Team

The role of your team is to infiltrate the E.C.Z. by posing as a newcomer for one of the factions. Using this cover you will gain access to other team's secure data terminals, located in their facilities and outposts. These will provide access back to their client's data cores and allow you to retrieve the various historical artefacts that the council's intelligence services have credible proof reside there.

ECZ War Games

The ECZ came into being, under the direct but allegedly impartial oversight of the mighty Titan Corporation. This served as a means for other corporations, local and planetary governments, and others, to resolve large scale disputes. It covered a vast range of parameters, in a universally recognised, legal manner that had virtually zero loss of human life.

The Titan Gaming Universe

The Titan Gaming Universe is the wider game universe in which Project Titan resides. In time, we will be adding subsequent titles that integrate seamlessly with the TGU and allow the player to have a single, unified gaming experience across them all. Leveraging the gains in one title to further progress in another.

TGU Fictional Brands

The Titan Gaming Universe has over 100 fictional brands within it, everything from sporting good to beauty, banking services to arms dealers - they all have a presence here! Look out for their advertising for clues about promotional deals and special offers that come up from time to time...

The Resource Transport Network

The Resource Transport Network is the very heart of all strategic decisions within the game. It is a mesh of connections that link every building and outpost back to command centres and reactors so they can receive power and commands from your team in orbit. Ensuring it has the resilience and capacity to support your campaign is critical to success!

Tech Tree Research

Unit, technology, and weapons research can be done quick, or it can be done slow. If you want fine-grain control over which of the D.R.E.M.P.T. research pillars you want to focus on, we got you covered!

Historical Timeline of Events

As much as it can exist, there is a formally documented timeline of events, dating back an estimated two millennia, that captures the larger historical events that took humanity to the brink of destruction, and its subsequent rebirth...

Key Factions & Star Systems

Detailed data on the many star systems that belong to each of the 12 main factions. Understanding the makeup of the worlds on which they have developed can provide insight into some of their technological strengths and weaknesses. Understanding these will be key to winning engagements as it will guide your research, strategies, and tactics far more effectively.

Key Characters

Gain insight into what drives the various key characters that are integral to your current circumstances. Look hard enough and you may even find clues that link back to some of the past events, helping explain why they are the way they are. Includes bios for your leadership team, senior council members and the top ranks of the Titan Corporation.

Support Characters

The support characters include the small army of intelligence operatives that the council have placed at key roles within the Titan Corporation to research and locate the digital breadcrumbs that will be used to lead your team to specific artifacts, by accessing the secure networks of the factions that operate on the clients behalf to which the artifact relates. These operatives must be protected at all costs so they may continue their vital role, failing a mission will compromise their intelligence and place them at growing risk of exposure to the titan personnel that have become wary of their activities…


The Historical Artefacts represent the very reason your team is taking part in the wargames. By Exploiting vulnerabilities in combatants' secure terminals, you can gain access to the planetary data cores of their sponsor and obtain the documented evidence of Yang's wrongdoing, dating back centuries! Nothing is more valuable in helping the council remove her from power.

Environmental Considerations

Engagements take place on a wide range of islands across all planetary latitudes. The planning team goes to great lengths to match the island's biomes and climate with the profile of the dispute. A given island can have wildly different characteristics at different times of the year, depending on its locations, and this will drive totally different combat and research strategies, depending which factions are involved...