by Paul Meech

Zentropy Games are thrilled to accounce the Early Access launch date for the much anticipated Project Titan: Infiltration - A Real Time Action Strategy game like no other...

A small indie team used the time that Covid-19 restrictions placed on their world in early 2020, to initiate a dream that has been 30 years in the making! Taking inspiration from a number of titles from the golden age of gaming when titles were inovative, brave, and made with a genuine passion and love that is often missing from todays AAA titles.

Project Titan contains a mix of base building, combat, customisation, strategy, tactics, and full on action, that employs a fully immersive game model, coupled with extensive, and believable game universe lore. All the main characters have believable, deep, character profiles that the player feels truely invested in.

Unlike many other modern titles, the game will also ship with a comprehensive set of additional content to further draw the player in to the dark world of Titan Corporation. This will include a novella covering the rise of Alexanda Yang and her empire of the back of the Great Interstella War, blueprints and data sheets for all game units, weapons and technology, and detailed star-system data and schematics for all the worlds that feature in the back story.

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